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Want to say a big thank you to the inventors of those little blue pills. I don't often use them, but there was a time when I did not know what to do. As a friend decided to repair the roof of the garage. Gathered to eat, the bottle, all honor to honor. Only a little rain fell. Here we ate and climbed on the roof. What happened, did not understand, but me and my friend was in trauma, in one chamber. I have lumbar vertebrae broken and he that the tailbone was bruised in my opinion. So, to him his wife went, even though he knew that his problems will be in intimate terms.

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I already far over forty smile. Potency, this age is normal. For myself, I say so. Somewhere to 23-25 years dick was very hard. Practically it was a problem of where to stick the smile . During the day he worked in the evening was in search of a smile. It turns out care about sex, I have occupied almost all my free time. And then got married. Time looking for no longer had to spend, although we sometimes went to the left. Then as the family care, the work began to be more serious, and sometimes started to skip a day without sex.

Read more. Now, 2 times, three times a week, it is a lot. But the fact is that you do not want, not need! There are other things to do, Hobbies. Go fishing, the computer to do the same. Cable TV. In short there is something to occupy our time. And don't even think about sex for a few days.
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On the road, given that the clitoris is a vestigial, you know what. then as shown by field tests, Viagra works on women. Ie when she is, then she is stronger.
And recommendations of practitioners of Pfizer (what are you on, have) razmeshcheny pill to mix into sour cream and use both
Say deistvie amazing, but speak to your doctor first, especially if You are taking any medications, the reaction is not predictable!

And my opinion, the nature of your mother to cheat no way, and the next step will be distortions which brightens the classics of life. We must not forget that the meds made for sick people! :ae:
Viagra. Slightly weaker impact on the erection compared with Viagra, but at the same time is much better than Viagra. Tried to mix 10 mg Viagra + 50 mg of viagra. The erection of course was powerful and stable, but there is no sexual drive, a feeling that you on the head with the bat cracked.

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With these tablets in mind a lot of pressure. Although clearly operates through a different principle and so there is no rush of blood to the face and ruptured blood vessels in the eyes. To combine with other drugs afraid. Workmanship is disgusting, the next day a wild fever. I do not recommend.
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Ladies, write some reviews about their experiences after taking these pills. Interested in a few of the myths found among men. Here is some banter and serious issues.
1) is There any attraction to non-sexual partner? Is it true that women rush to any nearby man or even a woman. A woman loses her head in excitement?
2) is it True that after taking the groin infest pubic lice, herpes and grows a third breast?
3) Viagra helps copious lubrication? Raining cats and dogs or digs?
4) True, that viagra can not be taken during pregnancy and the impact on the fetus? Can I use female viagra as a contraceptive?